About UKFS

Welcome to the UK Fire Stations website.

UK Fire Stations has now been in existence for more than four years and continues to go from strength to strength with new stations been featured on a regular basis.

Due to the success, consideration is now being given to revamping the site to ensure all devices receive the high quality of presentation.

If anybody has any suggestions for features or ideas, please use the CONTACT UKFS page?

The main feature of each station page will continue to be the gallery section showing pictures of the station from different angles. Where possible, I have added pictures of appliances for each station. Most appliance photographs have been taken on FIRE BRIGADE SOCIETY visits. Also, another feature of the site is an OLD STATIONS section where a similar range of pictures can be seen. For ease of scrolling from page to page, click on the brigade badge which will automatically take you back one page.

There is also a section for brigades that are not within the UK on the BRIGADES page. A large section of the photographs featured are from Southern Ireland and would recommend you to go to the 'Links' page and have a look at the Fire Ireland link which features many aspects related to the Fire and Rescue Service in that country.

 If you have a website that you would like me to place a link to on the EXTERNAL LINKS page, please let me know via the CONTACT UKFS page and I will be happy to oblige!

At the launch of the website on 21st January 2015 there were 2259 stations featured. There are now 2894 stations featured, of which 765 are old stations and 130 are outside of the UK of which the majority are in Southern Ireland.

I appreciate the number of people who are viewing the site and if anybody has any information to the location of 'Old Stations' that are not featured on the site, I would appreciate it if you could contact me by email using the CONTACT UKFS page!



Alan Broughton